Whether it’s a grass roots facility, or a plant modernization,  Chemstress’ emphasis on quality, service, timeliness of delivery, and cost control leads to solutions that meet or exceed its client’s expectations.

Project Utilities Upgrade

Provided engineering, design services, and technical field services for the Manufacturing Utilities Study, including site verification, measurement and evaluation of the utility generation and distribution systems.

Raise Roof for Existing Building

Completed design-build project that included all engineering, materials, delivery and start-up assistance for the vertical expansion of a portion of a Building.

Equalization Tank Expansion

Provided the necessary engineering, equipment, instrumentation, controls, and materials for a design-build project. Included all necessary demolition, removal of debris, construction materials, installation of all components, engineering and startup services for a complete operating installation.

Production Expansions & Upgrades

Provided engineering services, drawing production, procurement, expediting, third party interfacing, scheduling construction, field management, equipment and pipe testing, process and utility tie-ins, loop checks, instrument calibration, and coordinating any OEM start-up for a new production facility.

The scope of work included all engineering, materials, equipment, instrumentation, installation and startup. Structural Steel to the highest EQ zone, control and electrical, foundations, tanks, heat exchangers, instrumentation and piping for a turnkey operation.

Short Column Distillation Project

The scope of work included the purchase and installation a new distillation unit, with Chemstress responsible for specifying, purchasing and installing all items. The scope included all process and utility piping, Process equipment, all electrical wiring for a Class 1/Division 1/Group C&D area, and all hardware components.

Manufacturing Facility

Converted an existing Warehouse to a state-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility. Provided engineering/design for materials, equipment and support services. 100,000-square-foot facility contains compounding lines, including a carbon black line, and space for three future lines.

Pilot Plant Modification Project

Specified, purchased and installed all items. Chemstress coordinated all equipment installations and modifications in a manner which minimized disruption to on-going process. Chemstress coordinated the design (i.e. equipment layout, process tie-ins, utility tie-ins, electrical tie-ins, computer tie-ins, etc.) of all field installed equipment and instruments including coordination of the shipment, receipt, off-loading and spotting of all equipment.

Count on Chemstress to:

  • Provide a complete, cost effective proposal
    outlining the scope of work to be performed

  • Handle part or all of multi-faceted
    project seamlessly

  • Apply professional engineering practices
    in each task undertaken

  • Help your projects stay on
    time and on target